Alma Shuts Out Medics, Captures C-League Championship

From the drop off the puck it was all Alma, and they didn’t even let Medics get a whiff of a victory in this game. Alma capped off their undefeated season with an 8-0 victory over the Medics on Wednesday night.

“It was a great season, I had lots of fun with a great group of guys. It was really nice winning the championship my first year playing on a men’s league.” Edward Robbins of Alma said.

“I actually felt like the competition was a little less than I was hoping and our team might move back to B league for some tougher competition.” Robbins answered.

Alma played in the B league division last year but found the competition to be to tough. They moved down to C league hoping to be able to compete with easier teams. It appears that C league is not the right league for their team as they didn’t just beat teams this season, they dominated them. Hopefully for Alma, this championship will give them some confidence and they will be able to compete better if they do indeed decide to move back up to B league. Follow the link below to look at how dominant Alma was this season.

Timeline of Alma’s Season

“It was a tough loss tonight, we tried our best but the other team was just more talented than us.” Andy Ross said.

Andy was one of the members on the Medics team that was shut down Wednesday night by the Alma College team. Alma’s defense was stingy all night giving up a minuscule amount of scoring chances. Every opportunity that was given by Alma’s defense was halted by Alma’s strong play by their goaltender.

Unlike most of the C-League games this year, this game brought in a lot of fans. Both teams had packed stands to root on their respected teams. The fans really got into the game and even started yelling at each other, and of course the referees.  The fans seemed to instigate some foul play by yelling at their players to start hitting and fighting the other team.

In the second period, one of the Alma’s players crashed the net hitting the goalie with his stick after the whistle. The Medics all went after the player causing a mini scuffle between the two teams in the corner. All of the fans in the stands were on their feet screaming and yelling and were riled up from that point on.

“It was a very intense game, the fans were getting very angry, and I was shocked there was not a fight in the stands.”  Chelsea Ebel stated. “It was disappointing that our team lost because I felt like the other team was way to talented for C-League, and I wish the team I was rooting for would of won.”

There was close to a bench-clearing brawl after the game between the two teams after the star player for the Medics went after some of the players on Alma. The Medic’s player was encouraged by his friends from the stands to start fighting because they had nothing to lose. It’s hard to blame the Medics for losing their cool in this game the way it played out. They had no chance to win the game, and since it was the last game of the season they couldn’t be suspended for any games by fighting. Not only was Alma way to talented for the league and just dominated the game, they weren’t very classy about it either. After the late goals their players would taunt the other team even the game was basically over. Alma’s fan’s weren’t very classy either with some of their derogatory chants they started toward the Medics. They even laughed at some of the players on the Medic’s team for not knowing how to skate or play hockey.

Even though the game was almost over before it even started; the game provided lots of entertainment for all types of hockey fans. This game offered some highlight goals, big hits, rowdy fans, and a few little fights. It would have been nice to see the championship game a little closer, but it was still entertaining to say the least.


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Comeback Coach Audio Slideshow

This is a professional audio slideshow created by Jill Nance. The slideshow tells the story of a softball coach who battled leukemia, and then went on to continue coaching.

This is a story narrated by the Gary Ferguson who is the softball coach at Brookville High School. He was fought with leukemia in the summer of 2011 and came back the head coach in the spring of 2012. One noticeable flaw, in this otherwise phenomenal slideshow, was the lack of captions. The only way I found out any information about the coach was in a little summary on the home page of the website sharing this story.

I think the natural sound throughout the slideshow was excellent. Most of the time the natural sound would actually relate to the photos. For example, when the girls were doing a team chant while it showed a picture of the girls huddled together. The introduction photo is Mr. Ferguson hitting the ball to his players and the sound of the practice is playing during this time. The audio is not to loud and fades in and out nicely.

The narrative is clear throughout the story. The beginning is how he is just lucky to be alive. The middle is what the battle with leukemia was like, and the end was how he is just enjoying be able to coach the girls.

Overall, it was  a great slideshow and told an even better story. If this was my slideshow I would be sure to keep the great pace of the photos along with their transitions. I think the natural sound was very well and even related to the photos at the time of the audio which is one of the good characteristics of a good audio slideshow discussed on the powerpoint in class. I think the narrative, photos and natural sound went together very well for the most part. The one thing I would change along with the addition of the captions are a few different photos. I think there needed to be one or two photos of him in the hospital or something to show his battle with leukemia.

Week 7 NFL Pick Six

Texans vs. Ravens

We got a match-up of two 5-1 teams in this one, and both teams are dealing with the injury bug. Houston’s defense struggled greatly without Brian Cushing against the Green Bay Packers. Granted, the Packers do have one of the best offenses in the league, the loss of Cushing worries about this teams chances at the Super Bowl. The Ravens will be without Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis are also out for the Ravens defense. Terrell Suggs may be making his season debut, but i expect him not to be making the plays he is accustomed too. Ravens looked really weak stopping the run against Felix Jones, so I can’t imagine the trouble they are going to have with Arian Foster.  This game would be a lot more entertaining if both of these teams were healthy, but I still expect a great effort by both teams. In the end, I think Arian Foster will be too much for the Ravens banged up defense.

Final Score: 28-24 Texans Win

Steelers vs. Bengals

This is a difficult game to predict because both teams have had great games where they look like playoff contenders, and they have both had games where they just looked down right awful. Steelers are going to be going up against the Bengals with absolutely no running game due to injuries too Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman. The Bengals have been fairly decent against the passing game so far this season, so it will be interesting to see how this game plays out. Once again I expect Andy Dalton and AJ Green to produce all the offense if the Bengals were to win this game as Benjarvous Green-Ellis has looked really slow running the ball the past couple of games. I think Ben Roethlisberger has a big game day for his fantasy owners and Steelers come out on top.

Final Score: 34-24 Steelers Win

Giants vs. Redskins

It seems just when people are saying the Giants are out, the prove people wrong. Well now people are saying the Super Bowl contenders, and I get a weird feeling their going to prove people wrong again, just not the way they would hope to. I think the Giants defense will struggle more then Jason Pierre-Paul believes with slowing down Robert Griffin. Robert Griffin can throw for 300 yards or run for almost 150 yards against, or a little mixture of both. Redskins are going to come out showing they deserved to be in the discussions of the best team in this NFC East division.

Final Score: 23-19 Redskins Win

Lions vs. Bears

I always hate predicting the Lions game, I always let my love for this team to blind me from the truth; their still the Detroit Lions. This is a team who has a long history of always giving their fans false hope and continually disappointing fans. Making the playoffs last season was a huge accomplishment but they have struggled and disappointed a lot already this season. As a Lions fan, my thought is that the Monday Night spotlight will get this team fired up and show the nation last season wasn’t a fluke. However, I have learned my lesson to pick the Lions to win games. In reality, I think the Bears have an all-around better football team the Detroit Lions do. I think the return of Chris Houston and Louis Delmas are huge for the Lions defense, but in the end Bears will come out on top.

Final Score: 34-31 Bears Win

Cowboys vs. Panthers

I feel like the Panthers are another team I am always picking to win, but in the end disappointing me. I feel like this is a talented football team just waiting to gel together and start winning football games. Panthers coming off their bye week are going to be healthy and ready to go against the Cowboys. I think Demarco Murray will be a huge loss for the Panthers. I know Felix played well against the Ravens last week, but as I mentioned earlier, they are pretty banged up on defense. I definetly think this is going to be a close game no matter what and going to come down to the wire. I think this is the week the Panthers can finally pull off the big win.

Final Score: 38-35 Panthers Win

Saints vs. Buccaneers

The Saints had a big win against the Chargers going into their bye week, and should be ready to go against their division foe, Buccaneers. The loss of Jimmy Graham could be huge for this Saints offense that basically needs to score every possession. I think both quarterbacks in this game will make their fantasy owners happy as Saints get into another shootout. I don’t think Josh Freeman will be able to hang with Drew Brees in a passing shootout and the Saints will escape with a victory.

Final Score: 34-33 Saints Win

Collin Hinman Hockey Interview

Collin Hinman is a broadcasting major at Central Michigan University. Every Monday night he plays hockey for a beer league team called the CMU Shots. It’s the team’s first year playing in B league so they are not quite sure of the expectations this season.

World Series Predictions

Tigers vs. Cardinals

I think were going to have a 2006 World Series rematch on our hands.

Detroit Tigers

For the Tigers, it’s all going to come down to their bullpen. Their bullpen has cost them so many games this year. I think Valverde will get his game together and close out games. I think Cabrera will end up having one of the best postseasons of all time and he ends up being the World Series MVP as well. This dude has always risen up to the occasion and hasn’t let his team down. This offense has a tendency to go ice cold at times but he’s going to do everything he can to prevent it from happening in the postseason. There are many other hitters on this club that can catch fire at any time so watch out!

Whenever you get to have Verlander go out onto the mound you are pretty much guaranteed six strong innings and a good chance to win. Scherzer showed this season he can strike batters out with the best of them. If Doug Fister can play anywhere near the level he was on last year toward the end of the season and playoffs, the Tigers will win it all!

St. Louis Cardinals

No other team knows how to win in the playoffs like the Cardinals. They have been here plenty of times and know how to pull of the upsets and do what nobody expects them to do.

I think Westbrook, Wainwright, Lohse, Garcia, and Carpenter are the best starting rotation in this playoffs. This is David Freese’s time of the year to shine. I think Cardinals have been one of the hotter teams coming into the playoffs and this momentum will carry them into the World Series

Final Prediction: Tigers Beat Cardinals in 6


NFL Pick Six Week 5

Cardinals vs. Rams

I think Cardinals luck is going to run out in this game.  Cardinals barely held off the Miami Dolphins last week winning 24-21. The Rams are coming off an impressive win over the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams looked good week one against the Lions and beat a pretty good Washington Redskins team. I think the Bradford and Amendola connection is going to be strong and lead the Rams to a victory. I think Jeff Fisher will throw some defensive schemes that will confuse Kevin Kolb and force some turnovers.

Final Score: 27-17 Rams Win

Steelers vs. Eagles

I underestimated the Eagles last week and I might be doing it again this week. The Eagles squeaked out another close victory against the Giants. Their offensive line was surprisingly very well against an elite defensive line. However, I got to go with the Steelers in this one. I think Big Ben has got Todd Haley’s offense down and they will move the ball down the field with ease. I think the return of Mendenhall should be a big help and could possibly make this offense two dimensional. I think Steelers will be ready to go coming fresh off the bye week.

Final Score: 31-20 Steelers Win

Panthers vs. Seahawks

This is a battle between two teams that have shown flashes of excellence and inconsistency. Panthers are coming off a close loss to the undefeated Falcons, while the Seahawks have shown they can beat the Packers or lose to the Rams. Cam Newton had a bounce back game last week just like I predicted, but I think this Seattle defense will give him more problems then he handle. I really believe the Panthers are a better team then their record suggests, but I don’t see them winning this game either.

Final Score: 23-20 Seahawks Win

Broncos vs. Patriots

Ahh! At least we get to see the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning rivalry again. Peyton Manning will be looking to bring his new team into Gillette Stadium and beat his arch-rival. Tom Brady and this Patriots just exploded last week putting up over 50 points against the Bills. I expect the Bronco’s defense to contain Tom Brady’s offense a lot better then Bills were able to. I think Peyton Manning is going to look to show everyone he still belongs in the discussion of the elite quarterbacks today. I think Peyton Manning will throw for 4 touchdowns for the first time as a Bronco and lead his new team to a big victory.

Final Score: 35-31 Broncos Win

Chargers vs. Saints

Whenever the Saints are involved you can always expect a shoot-out. I expect Phillip Rivers to have a big game so I expect you all to be starting him if you got him on your fantasy teams. I think the Saints are inching closer and closer to finally getting into the win column and with Sproles and Brees playing their old teams, this is the game they do it. I expect 2 total touchdowns from Sproles and 100 yards. This should be one of the most exciting games to watch this week, unless your a fan of defense that is.

Final Score: 38-35 Saints Win

Vikings vs. Titans

If you want to call this an upset pick then be my guest, but I got the Titans beating a slightly overrated Vikings team. The Vikings have beat the Jaguars, caught the 49er’s by surprise, and beat a Lions team that still isn’t aware the season has started. It’s a team that also lost to the Indianapolis Colts but people seem to be so high on them because they beat San Fransisco. I think Matt Hasselback will come into this game and help prove my point. I think the Vikings secondary is toward the bottom in the NFL and Ponder is to inconsistent to be considered a good quarterback.

Final Score: 28-24 Titans Win