2 Sports Blogs to Follow

The blogs I follow to keep me connected with the world of sports are Bleacher Report and Beastdome by Muntradamus.

Beastdome is a blog for fantasy sports written by Muntradamus to provide advice and news to readers regarding a variety of fantasy sports. Muntradamus covers fantasy football, basketball, baseball and March Madness brackets. My favorite part about Beastdome is how interactive Muntradamus is with his followers. There is a live chat room where you can ask any question about your fantasy team and you get instant feedback. There are also sections to leave comments on all of the posts and Muntradamus will always reply back with an in-depth response.

Here is an example of a post on Beastdome that displays excellent and poor blogging qualities:


In this post the article is very visual with some good pictures and overall is very easy to scan through the article. There are short sentences and paragraphs which is a must for quality blogs. On the flip side, the title of this article is not very clear and doesn’t inform the reader what the article is about. In Mark Briggs’ Journalism Next states that links are a great form of attribution to a story and should be used often with a great blog. If I were in charge of Beastdome I would add links to my articles to provide readers with additional information to the news story.

Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is a blog that covers any story related to the sports world. The journalists on this blog report about injuries, rumors, games, and provide opinions on future games or player performances. My favorite part about Bleacher Report is the layout of all the posts. The headlines follow Mark Briggs’ Journalism Next advice by providing specific headlines that tells you specifically what the post is all about.

Ethan Grant’s article for Bleacher report, Tim Tebow Vogue Interview Reveals How Fame, Impact Will Lead to Politics, was a well constructed post that also portrays a typical Bleacher Report article. It had a clear specific headline. There are multiple visual mediums including, photo, video, and of course text. Grant also does an exceptional job at providing links for the reader to learn more about the story. The main weakness with Grant’s post is not replying back to any of the comments and that makes it seem like he is not interested in his audiences’ opinion. Overall, Bleacher Report is a great blog and the only thing I would change is to have the authors respond more to the comments.


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