NFL Pick Six

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots exchanging a few words with Joe Flacco of the Baltimore Ravens after defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at Gillette Stadium

Each week I will pick the six most intriguing match-ups in the NFL and tell you exactly how I believe the game will play out.

Ravens vs. Patriots

This is my game of the week as two super bowl contenders square off in what could very well be a preview of the AFC championship game. The New England Patriots will be looking to bounce back after a shocking loss to the Arizona Cardinals. However, the Ravens are coming off a tough loss of their own against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots will showcase one of the most lethal offenses, even without Aaron Hernadez, into M&T Bank Stadium to face the Ravens stellar defense. I expect Tom Brady and this offense to perform a lot better than the previous two games. However, I believe the Ravens defense will be too much for Brady and company to keep up.

Final Score: 27-24 Ravens Win

Broncos vs. Texans

Peyton Manning struggled in the spotlight last week against the Falcons early on in the game. If he can manage to get out to a fast start without the interceptions I think the Broncos have a great chance to pull this game out. However, Wade Phillips has that Texans defense looking pretty damn good after two games. The defense is probably not even what has been keeping John Fox up at night going into this match-up with the Texans. It the Texans offense led by Arian Foster and Andre Johnson that will propel the Texans to a 3-0 start in the 2012 season.

Final Score: 31-20 Texans Win

Packers vs. Seahawks

Seahawks loss to the Cardinals was a bit of a shocker and led few to believe that perhaps Seattle isn’t ready to contend for a playoff spot. However, in week two the Cardinals beating Super Bowl favorites, New England Patriots, and the Seahawks just absolutely dominated the Dallas Cowboys. So maybe it was a little pre-mature to get down on Seattle. Seahawk’s defense is definetly not at the same level as the 49er’s but we have already witnessed that the Packers offense is stoppable. Also, if Frank Gore can put up over a 100 yards and a touchdown against the Packer D then I surely suspect Marshawn Lynch will be able to duplicate those numbers. In the end I think Seahawks defense will slow down the Packers enough to let the Seahawks escape with a surprising victory against the Packers.

Final Score: 27-20 Seahawks Win

Eagles vs. Cardinals

I mentioned earlier about the Cardinals 2-0 start, and they have looked real good so far. However, I think the Eagles will be able to squeak out another tight victory. Maclin being out will allow some extra coverage on Eagles leading reciver, Brent Celek, however I think Vick will be in vintage form in this one. I don’t expect Vick to turn the ball over as much in this one and I expect McCoy to have that huge game all his fantasy owners have been praying for.

Final Score: 28-27 Eagles Win

Chargers vs. Falcons

The undefeated Chargers host the undefeated Atlanta Falcons which should out to be an exciting game. I think the Chargers will put up a tough fight early on but will not be able to keep up with the Atlanta Falcons. I think the Atlanta Falcons are one of the best all-around teams in the NFL right now. Their biggest weakness is perhaps their running game as it seems like Michael “the burner” Turner is burnt out. However, I think this is the game where the Falcons offense will turn to Jacquizz Rodgers to carry the load at halfback as the offense turns into a pass first,pass second, and even pass third team. Rodgers should have a breakout performance and Matt Ryan will continue to stay red-hot. The Falcon’s pass defense showed what it can do last week against future hall of famer Peyton Manning, and I expect them to get multiple picks on Rivers as well. Ryan Mathews return will be the only way their offense will be able to put up any points.

Final Score: 41-17 Falcons Win

Redskins vs. Bengals

This match-up doesn’t feature any teams I would consider Super Bowl contenders but it provides some other interesting story lines. I think it’s going to be very interesting to see how Robert Griffin plays against a defense that isn’t considered one of the worsts in the league. RG3 has looked like a seasoned veteran out on the field so far but that has been against the Saints and Rams. I think this will be the game that Griffin plays like the rookie he actually is. However, I also think Griffin will have an early career defining moment. I can definitely see him making some rookie mistakes early on in the game and causing his team to fall behind. In the end, I think Griffin will lead the Redskins to a late comeback thriller.

Final Score: 34-31 Redskins Win


4 thoughts on “NFL Pick Six

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  1. Okay clown, let me tell you something. You missed a crucial detail which is a rookie mistake. I don’t know how you expect to seem credible when you don’t even point out the most obvious factors in all of these games. Here’s your schooling for the night:

    Key Point 1: None of these teams have Tim Tebow, so they are all considerably better than they would be if he was rostered.

    Key Point 2: None of these teams have Denard Robinson, so they will all almost certainly get out of their games throwing fewer than 4 Interceptions.

    Key Point 3: Tom Brady is the closest thing to the Second Coming we have currently on God’s Green Earth. He will not lose to the Spawn of Satan, AKA Joe Flacco.

    So yeah, just some things to consider when moving forward with your blog! Good luck, young buck, and I will continue reading this poor piece of literature, just to provide you with solid and invaluable feed-back. No thanks necessary.

    1. I appreciate your respone, I will take it as constructive criticism.. Robert Griffin will make some of those “denard throws” but will still lead his team to a victory. thanks for the response cbhinman13

  2. I believe you may be right about most of t he games, nobody hits it 100% . You are better than those guys on T.V. that are getting big money and are wrong more than half the time .. keep up the good work.

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