Sleepless Controversy in Seattle

Clearly M.D. Jennings has possession of the ball before it being ripped away by Golden Tate.

Sports have always taught people valuable lessons such as teamwork, trying your best, and to never give up. After this weekend in the NFL we can chalk up one more important lesson to that list. What might that lesson be you ask? Well, we are all being taught to be thankful for what you got because you don’t know what you got until it’s gone. I of course would be referring to the referees with this lesson.

I remember growing up my whole life hearing fans complaining how “the zebras were blowing the game” or yelling, “you forget your glasses today ref!?” Controversial calls have always been apart of sports and always will be. Let’s face it, referees are human to and will always make mistakes. However, the replacement refs we have been dealt with, resulting from the NFLRA on strike, are just plain embarrassing. They are definitely making everyone appreciate the old refs we all quite frankly took for granted.

In case you have been under that rock and haven’t had the chance to view this play, here is the play heard round the world.

The NFL community has witnessed one call after another that just leaves the viewer dumbfounded and possibly even in shock. The most recent controversy of course was the end of the Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers Monday Night Football match-up. The biggest question was whether M.D. Jennings or Golden Tate came down with the ball. The final call was Golden Tate came down with the touchdown reception which gave the Seahawks the victory of course. This call is causing smoke to be coming out all the replacement refs critics ears. And with good reason, it was an awful call, especially at that stage of the ball game. However, the thing really grinding my gears is the ref being totally oblivious to Tate’s sneaky blatant shove of Sam Shield right before the miraculous “touchdown catch.” This offensive pass interference should have been called and that should of been the ball game. There should not even be a debate whether Tate or Jennings came down with the ball!

Even though the Packers did royally get screwed out of a no-brain call at the end of the game, we can’t all just be jumping on this bandwagon that Seahawks shouldn’t get the win. The Seahawks played one hell of a game and deserved to win this game every bit as much the Packers did. I have always thought, “if you would of played better the rest of the game, it wouldn’t have had to come down to the last call.” It is so unfortunate the fact the Seahawks’ 8 sacks on Aaron Rodgers is completely overshadowed by the refs. Chris Clemons got 4 sacks… all in the first half! If the Packers O-line would have played better throughout the game it would probably mean this play wouldn’t have happened, and we would be talking about the Packers being 2-1.

Unfortunately, what happens happens and we can’t go back and change it now. It’s time to give the Seahawks some credit for the victory and just pray the NFL and NFLRA can settle their negotiations, and settle it fast. As a NFL fan I don’t think I can watch these refs who are clearly not qualified to be reffing these games under these types of pressures to continue reffing. If and when the real NFL referees comeback, please be grateful for them. However, their still going to make those stinky calls we have all grown accustomed too, but it’s not necessary to call them skunks, cause we have all learned how much worse they can actually get.

There are many more bad examples of officiating if you would like to read about it I suggest clicking this link.


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  1. I am from Wisconsin, so of course I am a devout Packer fan. I am beyond disappointed with the replacement refs after last night. Games were already filled with ridiculous calls, but this was the final straw. It just baffles me how that catch was called a touchdown and not an interception. All I can say is I hope the regular refs come back soon.

  2. Mistakes are made, but this was one awful call. How long will the NFL keep the regular Ref. out . Power to the union , down with the money hungery management . all for 4 million , and the fans take the shaft, but still pay the game for these games.

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