NFL Pick Six

Lions vs. Vikings

This game will most likely ride on the health of Detroit’s quarterback, Matthew Stafford. If he is cleared to play then Lions high flying offense should be to much for the Vikings sub-par to handle. The Vikings are coming off a huge upset win over the San Francisco 49er’s. The Vikings offense looked very efficient against the best defense in the looked and I expect the Vikings to be moving the ball with ease against a Lion’s defense that let the Titans put up 44 points. I expect a big fantasy day for Percy Harvin and Christain Ponder.

Final Score: 38-35 Lions Win

Cowboys vs. Bears

This is a very interesting match-up because I think both these teams have the potential to be Super Bowl contenders but are just to inconsistent to really be considered elite teams. I think Cowboys wins have obviously been a lot more impressive thus far. Their offense didn’t look good at all against the Seahawks but that’s the same defense that sacked Aaron Rodgers 8 times. I believe this is gonna be a low scoring game as both offenses will struggle moving the ball down the field.

Final Score: 14-10 Cowboys Win

Packers vs. Saints

This could be one of the highest scoring games of the season. Saints defense has not been able to slow down any offense. Packers are going to be coming out of the gate with a chip on their shoulder. They are Super Bowl favorites who are currently 1-2 and coming off that loss against the Seahawks because of that disastrous call. I hope Drew Brees and the Saints offense can keep up with the Packers just so it can be an exciting game to watch.

Final Score: 44-34 Saints Win

49ers vs. Jets

Even without Darelle Revis, this should be another battle of the defenses. Luckily for 49er fans the loss of Revis will be more than enough to give the 49er’s defense the edge in this one. I think Jets offense will turn the ball over in bunches as the Jet’s fans will start the “Tebow” chant. If Frank Gore and the 49er’s running game can get going early on then the passing game will open up and it will be an easy win.

Final Score: 27-16 Win

Giants vs. Eagles

In a rivalry game anything can happen and its a very important game for these divisional foes. However, I think this is going to be all Giants in this one. Eagles have not been looking good so far this season and easily could be 0-3. Giants have an elite pass defense that will force Michael Vick to make bad decisions and turn the ball over. The turnover ratio for both teams thus far this season tells you all you need to know for how this game will turn out. The Giants have a +4 and Eagles have a -6 turnover ratio.

Final Score: 31-20 Giants Win

Falcons vs. Panthers

This is my upset pick of the week. I think Falcons are the second best team behind the Texans in my opinion but I think the Panthers are going to play way above their heads. Panthers are coming off an embarrassing loss to the Giants and will look to make a statement against their division foe. I think Falcons are going to struggle with the versatility of Cam Newton. I think Cam Newton turns it around after struggling the first three games of the season.

Final Score: 34-31 Panthers Win


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