Miguel Cabrera’s MVP Campaign

With the presidential campaigns in full swing, I think it’s time to start the MVP campaigns for this year’s American League MVP. The two front runners for this year’s election are without a doubt Detroit’s Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. After looking through the candidates strengths and weaknesses I would have to give my vote for Miguel Cabrera.

Miguel Cabrera

This shows exactly how much the Tiger’s success relies on Miguel Cabrera swinging a hot bat.

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If these stats aren’t convincing enough, let me show you how clutch Miguel Cabrera has been when the Tigers need him most.

Stats in September/October

  • 11 home runs
  • 30 RBIs
  • .339 Batting Average
  • 13 Walks

I think Mike Trout certainly has a legitimate case to represent the American League side as the MVP, but Miguel Cabrera is the candidate you should vote for. He is the first triple crown winner since 1967! The Tigers were in a tight battle with the Chicago White Sox to win the AL Central right up to the very end. Miguel Cabrera used his bat to help the Tigers win the division back-to-back years. Whenever the Tigers needed a big hit it was Miguel Cabrera who was there to deliver. Mike Trout started off his campaign red hot, but in the months of September and October his numbers dropped off when his team needed him most. Mike Trout is a better base-runner and defender then Cabrera, but Miguel Cabrera’s offensive numbers are just too good to argue with. Cabrera used his bat to lead his team to the playoffs which was something Trout could not do, and that’s why you should vote for Cabrera.

I am a Miguel Cabrera fan and I approve of this message.


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