NFL Pick Six Week 5

Cardinals vs. Rams

I think Cardinals luck is going to run out in this game.  Cardinals barely held off the Miami Dolphins last week winning 24-21. The Rams are coming off an impressive win over the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams looked good week one against the Lions and beat a pretty good Washington Redskins team. I think the Bradford and Amendola connection is going to be strong and lead the Rams to a victory. I think Jeff Fisher will throw some defensive schemes that will confuse Kevin Kolb and force some turnovers.

Final Score: 27-17 Rams Win

Steelers vs. Eagles

I underestimated the Eagles last week and I might be doing it again this week. The Eagles squeaked out another close victory against the Giants. Their offensive line was surprisingly very well against an elite defensive line. However, I got to go with the Steelers in this one. I think Big Ben has got Todd Haley’s offense down and they will move the ball down the field with ease. I think the return of Mendenhall should be a big help and could possibly make this offense two dimensional. I think Steelers will be ready to go coming fresh off the bye week.

Final Score: 31-20 Steelers Win

Panthers vs. Seahawks

This is a battle between two teams that have shown flashes of excellence and inconsistency. Panthers are coming off a close loss to the undefeated Falcons, while the Seahawks have shown they can beat the Packers or lose to the Rams. Cam Newton had a bounce back game last week just like I predicted, but I think this Seattle defense will give him more problems then he handle. I really believe the Panthers are a better team then their record suggests, but I don’t see them winning this game either.

Final Score: 23-20 Seahawks Win

Broncos vs. Patriots

Ahh! At least we get to see the Tom Brady and Peyton Manning rivalry again. Peyton Manning will be looking to bring his new team into Gillette Stadium and beat his arch-rival. Tom Brady and this Patriots just exploded last week putting up over 50 points against the Bills. I expect the Bronco’s defense to contain Tom Brady’s offense a lot better then Bills were able to. I think Peyton Manning is going to look to show everyone he still belongs in the discussion of the elite quarterbacks today. I think Peyton Manning will throw for 4 touchdowns for the first time as a Bronco and lead his new team to a big victory.

Final Score: 35-31 Broncos Win

Chargers vs. Saints

Whenever the Saints are involved you can always expect a shoot-out. I expect Phillip Rivers to have a big game so I expect you all to be starting him if you got him on your fantasy teams. I think the Saints are inching closer and closer to finally getting into the win column and with Sproles and Brees playing their old teams, this is the game they do it. I expect 2 total touchdowns from Sproles and 100 yards. This should be one of the most exciting games to watch this week, unless your a fan of defense that is.

Final Score: 38-35 Saints Win

Vikings vs. Titans

If you want to call this an upset pick then be my guest, but I got the Titans beating a slightly overrated Vikings team. The Vikings have beat the Jaguars, caught the 49er’s by surprise, and beat a Lions team that still isn’t aware the season has started. It’s a team that also lost to the Indianapolis Colts but people seem to be so high on them because they beat San Fransisco. I think Matt Hasselback will come into this game and help prove my point. I think the Vikings secondary is toward the bottom in the NFL and Ponder is to inconsistent to be considered a good quarterback.

Final Score: 28-24 Titans Win


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