World Series Predictions

Tigers vs. Cardinals

I think were going to have a 2006 World Series rematch on our hands.

Detroit Tigers

For the Tigers, it’s all going to come down to their bullpen. Their bullpen has cost them so many games this year. I think Valverde will get his game together and close out games. I think Cabrera will end up having one of the best postseasons of all time and he ends up being the World Series MVP as well. This dude has always risen up to the occasion and hasn’t let his team down. This offense has a tendency to go ice cold at times but he’s going to do everything he can to prevent it from happening in the postseason. There are many other hitters on this club that can catch fire at any time so watch out!

Whenever you get to have Verlander go out onto the mound you are pretty much guaranteed six strong innings and a good chance to win. Scherzer showed this season he can strike batters out with the best of them. If Doug Fister can play anywhere near the level he was on last year toward the end of the season and playoffs, the Tigers will win it all!

St. Louis Cardinals

No other team knows how to win in the playoffs like the Cardinals. They have been here plenty of times and know how to pull of the upsets and do what nobody expects them to do.

I think Westbrook, Wainwright, Lohse, Garcia, and Carpenter are the best starting rotation in this playoffs. This is David Freese’s time of the year to shine. I think Cardinals have been one of the hotter teams coming into the playoffs and this momentum will carry them into the World Series

Final Prediction: Tigers Beat Cardinals in 6



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