Week 7 NFL Pick Six

Texans vs. Ravens

We got a match-up of two 5-1 teams in this one, and both teams are dealing with the injury bug. Houston’s defense struggled greatly without Brian Cushing against the Green Bay Packers. Granted, the Packers do have one of the best offenses in the league, the loss of Cushing worries about this teams chances at the Super Bowl. The Ravens will be without Lardarius Webb and Ray Lewis are also out for the Ravens defense. Terrell Suggs may be making his season debut, but i expect him not to be making the plays he is accustomed too. Ravens looked really weak stopping the run against Felix Jones, so I can’t imagine the trouble they are going to have with Arian Foster.  This game would be a lot more entertaining if both of these teams were healthy, but I still expect a great effort by both teams. In the end, I think Arian Foster will be too much for the Ravens banged up defense.

Final Score: 28-24 Texans Win

Steelers vs. Bengals

This is a difficult game to predict because both teams have had great games where they look like playoff contenders, and they have both had games where they just looked down right awful. Steelers are going to be going up against the Bengals with absolutely no running game due to injuries too Rashard Mendenhall and Isaac Redman. The Bengals have been fairly decent against the passing game so far this season, so it will be interesting to see how this game plays out. Once again I expect Andy Dalton and AJ Green to produce all the offense if the Bengals were to win this game as Benjarvous Green-Ellis has looked really slow running the ball the past couple of games. I think Ben Roethlisberger has a big game day for his fantasy owners and Steelers come out on top.

Final Score: 34-24 Steelers Win

Giants vs. Redskins

It seems just when people are saying the Giants are out, the prove people wrong. Well now people are saying the Super Bowl contenders, and I get a weird feeling their going to prove people wrong again, just not the way they would hope to. I think the Giants defense will struggle more then Jason Pierre-Paul believes with slowing down Robert Griffin. Robert Griffin can throw for 300 yards or run for almost 150 yards against, or a little mixture of both. Redskins are going to come out showing they deserved to be in the discussions of the best team in this NFC East division.

Final Score: 23-19 Redskins Win

Lions vs. Bears

I always hate predicting the Lions game, I always let my love for this team to blind me from the truth; their still the Detroit Lions. This is a team who has a long history of always giving their fans false hope and continually disappointing fans. Making the playoffs last season was a huge accomplishment but they have struggled and disappointed a lot already this season. As a Lions fan, my thought is that the Monday Night spotlight will get this team fired up and show the nation last season wasn’t a fluke. However, I have learned my lesson to pick the Lions to win games. In reality, I think the Bears have an all-around better football team the Detroit Lions do. I think the return of Chris Houston and Louis Delmas are huge for the Lions defense, but in the end Bears will come out on top.

Final Score: 34-31 Bears Win

Cowboys vs. Panthers

I feel like the Panthers are another team I am always picking to win, but in the end disappointing me. I feel like this is a talented football team just waiting to gel together and start winning football games. Panthers coming off their bye week are going to be healthy and ready to go against the Cowboys. I think Demarco Murray will be a huge loss for the Panthers. I know Felix played well against the Ravens last week, but as I mentioned earlier, they are pretty banged up on defense. I definetly think this is going to be a close game no matter what and going to come down to the wire. I think this is the week the Panthers can finally pull off the big win.

Final Score: 38-35 Panthers Win

Saints vs. Buccaneers

The Saints had a big win against the Chargers going into their bye week, and should be ready to go against their division foe, Buccaneers. The loss of Jimmy Graham could be huge for this Saints offense that basically needs to score every possession. I think both quarterbacks in this game will make their fantasy owners happy as Saints get into another shootout. I don’t think Josh Freeman will be able to hang with Drew Brees in a passing shootout and the Saints will escape with a victory.

Final Score: 34-33 Saints Win


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