Comeback Coach Audio Slideshow

This is a professional audio slideshow created by Jill Nance. The slideshow tells the story of a softball coach who battled leukemia, and then went on to continue coaching.

This is a story narrated by the Gary Ferguson who is the softball coach at Brookville High School. He was fought with leukemia in the summer of 2011 and came back the head coach in the spring of 2012. One noticeable flaw, in this otherwise phenomenal slideshow, was the lack of captions. The only way I found out any information about the coach was in a little summary on the home page of the website sharing this story.

I think the natural sound throughout the slideshow was excellent. Most of the time the natural sound would actually relate to the photos. For example, when the girls were doing a team chant while it showed a picture of the girls huddled together. The introduction photo is Mr. Ferguson hitting the ball to his players and the sound of the practice is playing during this time. The audio is not to loud and fades in and out nicely.

The narrative is clear throughout the story. The beginning is how he is just lucky to be alive. The middle is what the battle with leukemia was like, and the end was how he is just enjoying be able to coach the girls.

Overall, it was  a great slideshow and told an even better story. If this was my slideshow I would be sure to keep the great pace of the photos along with their transitions. I think the natural sound was very well and even related to the photos at the time of the audio which is one of the good characteristics of a good audio slideshow discussed on the powerpoint in class. I think the narrative, photos and natural sound went together very well for the most part. The one thing I would change along with the addition of the captions are a few different photos. I think there needed to be one or two photos of him in the hospital or something to show his battle with leukemia.


3 thoughts on “Comeback Coach Audio Slideshow

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  1. I like how you chose to do baseball related audio slide show, keeping in your sports themed blog. It was nicely written. Although, I think you could break up your paragraphs more to make it more scannable. Overall good job, I watched the slideshow and enjoyed that as well.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post since it was about sports! Your thoughts were very well thought out and I liked how you gave a clear overview of what you did and didn’t like about the slideshow.

    I would have liked to see the paragraphs a bit smaller though, but that’s just a minor gripe! Great post!

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