Alma Shuts Out Medics, Captures C-League Championship

From the drop off the puck it was all Alma, and they didn’t even let Medics get a whiff of a victory in this game. Alma capped off their undefeated season with an 8-0 victory over the Medics on Wednesday night.

“It was a great season, I had lots of fun with a great group of guys. It was really nice winning the championship my first year playing on a men’s league.” Edward Robbins of Alma said.

“I actually felt like the competition was a little less than I was hoping and our team might move back to B league for some tougher competition.” Robbins answered.

Alma played in the B league division last year but found the competition to be to tough. They moved down to C league hoping to be able to compete with easier teams. It appears that C league is not the right league for their team as they didn’t just beat teams this season, they dominated them. Hopefully for Alma, this championship will give them some confidence and they will be able to compete better if they do indeed decide to move back up to B league. Follow the link below to look at how dominant Alma was this season.

Timeline of Alma’s Season

“It was a tough loss tonight, we tried our best but the other team was just more talented than us.” Andy Ross said.

Andy was one of the members on the Medics team that was shut down Wednesday night by the Alma College team. Alma’s defense was stingy all night giving up a minuscule amount of scoring chances. Every opportunity that was given by Alma’s defense was halted by Alma’s strong play by their goaltender.

Unlike most of the C-League games this year, this game brought in a lot of fans. Both teams had packed stands to root on their respected teams. The fans really got into the game and even started yelling at each other, and of course the referees.  The fans seemed to instigate some foul play by yelling at their players to start hitting and fighting the other team.

In the second period, one of the Alma’s players crashed the net hitting the goalie with his stick after the whistle. The Medics all went after the player causing a mini scuffle between the two teams in the corner. All of the fans in the stands were on their feet screaming and yelling and were riled up from that point on.

“It was a very intense game, the fans were getting very angry, and I was shocked there was not a fight in the stands.”  Chelsea Ebel stated. “It was disappointing that our team lost because I felt like the other team was way to talented for C-League, and I wish the team I was rooting for would of won.”

There was close to a bench-clearing brawl after the game between the two teams after the star player for the Medics went after some of the players on Alma. The Medic’s player was encouraged by his friends from the stands to start fighting because they had nothing to lose. It’s hard to blame the Medics for losing their cool in this game the way it played out. They had no chance to win the game, and since it was the last game of the season they couldn’t be suspended for any games by fighting. Not only was Alma way to talented for the league and just dominated the game, they weren’t very classy about it either. After the late goals their players would taunt the other team even the game was basically over. Alma’s fan’s weren’t very classy either with some of their derogatory chants they started toward the Medics. They even laughed at some of the players on the Medic’s team for not knowing how to skate or play hockey.

Even though the game was almost over before it even started; the game provided lots of entertainment for all types of hockey fans. This game offered some highlight goals, big hits, rowdy fans, and a few little fights. It would have been nice to see the championship game a little closer, but it was still entertaining to say the least.


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